Hybrid Venturing – SMEs

True Altitude has been working with early stage businesses focused on SaaS, FinTech and e-commerce enablement for almost a decade. We have followed the general thesis that technology as the fabric of interaction can be as securitised, as utilities are in the energy business. As a result, we have focused on highly repeatable, high margin (by sector), and long term contract values.

2020 has been a pivotal year for True Altitude. We decided to sideline our Supply Chain Technology offering, and focus efforts on the e-commerce enablement, B2B Enterprise SaaS, and FinTech opportunities. 

The success of this year has allowed us to grow our resource base and expand our offering. With our network of investors, we have completed hybrid capital raises in three pools:

I. Equity Raises

We have a network of Angel Investors, Family Offices, Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) Funds and Venture Capitalists (VCs) with whom we have partnered with to work with our clients.  We value quality of investors over expedience, to maximise synergy between investor and client, and to ensure our clients retain control over their business governance.

II. Venture Debt

We have a team entirely focused on raising venture debt for early stage companies. This non-dilutive option typically constitutes a mezzanine finance option to compliment equity raise options. Venture Debt is available in US, UK/EU and APAC.

III. SaaS Factoring Options

We have the ability to forward finance SaaS invoices. This primarily applies to Enterprise SaaS clients with large end customers. Availability of Factoring is subject to separate due diligence with several European specialist finance institutions.