We’re pleased to be featured in an increasing number of publications and articles. As our team expands and our collective knowledge and expertise as a company grows, we are well placed to offer advice in a range of industries, and to companies at different growth stages.

True Altitude Publications

Retail Supply Chain State of Play
We’ve published this document on the retail supply chain state of play, with some advice and useful information for the sector given the current situation. It’s a good time to focus on high value and high impact outcomes without the distractions of a workplace; we want to focus on the positives, and guide companies into the best way to deal with the new normal.

Becoming A More Conscious Consumer 
True Altitude has worked closely with Koin Rewards and Uncommonn Ltd. over the past year, as they work towards achieving their goals of making sustainable and conscious consumerism more accessible.

Read the article to understand more about the choices you can make to become a more conscious consumer.

Publications Featuring True Altitude

Retail Tech Article

True Altitude feature in the Retail Tech Magazine, discussing the importance of providing superior
customer experience through the last mile of delivery, and delving into why investing in the
experience of the consumer at the final touchpoint is crucial.

Read the full article to understand how companies can achieve this in the current climate.

Bright Shift Podcast
True Altitude founder, Darko Atijas, spoke with Bright Shift to discuss all things e-commerce and supply chain, and how exactly Covid-19 is affecting the multiple industries that fall within this bracket. 

Darko discusses the need for businesses to be able to adapt to wider surroundings, and understand the need for rapid change.