Recovery Resource Centre

We’ve taken the time to put together the recovery resource centre for our clients and contacts to provide some guidance during this unpredictable time. While there is an abundance of resources available to businesses, it can be a time-consuming process to decipher which advice is right for you. That’s why we’ve picked out the top six advice pages, from experts at the forefront of the challenges we’re currently witnessing.

McKinsey recently produced an insightful report on ‘Rapid Revenue Recovery’, part of which outlined three horizons for effective marketing and sales responses during the crisis.

The infographic below expands upon the original three horizons, providing some additional advice for businesses operating within a variety of different industries.

True Altitude three-step plan to recovery.

Useful Resources


Keep up to date with key government advice on how to respond the the current situation. This link will help employees, employers and businesses.

McKinsey & Company

This centre provides resources to help businesses with real time decisions, building on insights McKinsey have collated from working closely with public and private sector leaders.


This extensive list of resources is aimed for SME’s. This page is kept up to on a daily basis and lets you sign up to receive email at the earliest opportunity.

Angel Investment Network

This start-up survival guide will help businesses on areas such as advice on working from home, altering business strategy and emergency funding.

Google for businesses

Google are helping small businesses navigate the unique and unpredictable challenges many are facing, through providing training and additional resources.

Xero Continuity Planning

Xero have complied a range of useful advice on the importance of continuity planning for businesses. This page will ensure you cover all relevant areas.

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau is an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers trust each other. Their tips on dealing with the current situation at hand encompasses a range of scams businesses should be aware of.