The Slingshot arm of True Altitude was born from seizing the opportunity of utilising our assets as a team. Our collective extensive expertise, network and experience has provided us with the insight to understand the growing chasm between small and large businesses.

For instance, small businesses have the flexibility to solve critical solutions much faster than larger businesses, whereas larger companies may seek to acquire innovative companies as an attempt to stay ahead of the curve and bring key expertise and IP in house. 

Our Approach

We build programmes for specific sectors with our unique approach to progress and innovation. Our expertise has seen the growth of clients in a variety of industries, from supply chain technology platforms such as Narvar, to pioneering brands within the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) space such as Lyre’s

We provide a balanced mix of bespoke training and support, as well as connecting our participants with our broad network of contacts, encompassing both programme discovery and solution. Our extensive network of contacts and partnerships means we are able to build programmes within 4 – 12 weeks depending on your specific needs. 

As well provide you with access to our extensive network of contacts, along with our experience across multiple growing industries such as SaaS, E-Commerce and Supply Chain Management, True Altitude can provide you with the right mentorship and training necessary to help your business grow.

We focus on what really matters – data capturing, talent structure and revenue generation. Focusing on these three key areas provides us with the opportunity to help all parties with ring fencing, governance issues and IP challenges. 

We want to understand what makes your business unique, so we can get the best out of our partnership. We want to understand and manage expectations about what you expect to achieve, what you expect your exit strategy to look like, and what you actually want to gain from your growth.

Current Slingshot Projects

The True Altitude Slingshot team are currently undertaking a six month programme with Connected Places Catapult, focused around the 5G testbed in Milton Keynes. We work closely with the cohort of ten impressive SMEs to ensure we allow them to reach their professional goals, with particular focus on corporate development and financing opportunities. 

Read more about the project here.

Slingshot Portal – Coming Soon!

The Slingshot portal will facilitate internal programme management and reporting for accelerator programmes, specifically quantifying otherwise intangible value (i.e. the number of introductions made for cohort members and the value of these, what mentoring sessions lead to) to understand the impact the programme has had, outside of the standard set of KPIs.

Venture investment is a highly manual process, and we are looking to expedite due diligence for our services, by gathering business critical data required up front, and smooth the venture process.

The platform will also have the capability to showcase startups development externally for High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) and Venture Capitalists (VCs) within True Altitude’s network and to those that have an interest in joining or enhancing their online community, and for these individuals to qualify the startups as leads.